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Directly from Paris in My snowdrop arrived a unique inhabitant of the seabed. It is suitable both for play and to become part of the interior of your home.

The Mama octopus will pamper you at the same time with hairy tickling, soft caresses and warm hugs.

Each plush animal from BigStuffed is tested for compliance with the strictest European standards. It is suitable for newborns and is ready to build a relationship with you for life.

Age: Suitable for newborns

Cleaning instructions: Clean by hand only on a dirty surface. You can also wash by hand in lukewarm water, leaving it to dry. Washing in the dryer and drying in the dryer is not recommended.

Size: L - 83 cm; In - 33 cm

Material: Upper: 50% cotton and 50% polyester; Lower part: 100% artificial polyester fur; Filling: 100% polyester fibers; Eyes: 100% plastic eyes - approved by the EU for safe

Brand: BigStuffed

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