Mini 3D Puzzle, Plan Toys



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This is one of the first toys of Plan Toys. It is designed for the small dexterous hands of your child.
Challenge yourself with this 3D puzzle cube! Learn how to solve the cube. It consists of 9 L-shaped wooden blocks of different colors.
For young thinkers to veteran puzzle enthusiasts. For a challenge, take the time to solve the puzzle and try to beat your own time on the next round.
Ideal for travel and fun on the go
Sustainably produced in Thailand with the help of chemical-free rubber wood, formaldehyde-free adhesive, organic pigments and water-based dyes.
It arrives in a metal box suitable for storage.

The game develops eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and concentration and logical thinking in the child.

Age: 3 years +
Material: wood
Brand: Plan Toys
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