Organic Modeling Clay, Large Bucket, Red, Ailefo

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The bucket contains 540 g of organic clay Ailefo.

Ingredients: flour, water, salt, vegetable oils, natural dyes, acid regulators, potassium sorbate

Shelf life: 1,5 years with unopened package

Modeling clay not contains flavorings or parabens. All oils not contain perfume allergens. In the production of clay not essential oils are used. The preservatives used are only soft and food grade. The modeling clay is plant-based and does not contain nuts, traces of nuts, soy, eggs or dairy products. Modeling clay is not gluten-free.

The oils in the clay are absorbed by the skin and have a very beneficial effect on it. For this reason, its oil content decreases over time. You can extend the life of your clay by adding cooking oil to it regularly. When the game is over, return the clay to the box. This way it will stay soft and ready until the next game. If you miss it and the clay starts to feel crumbly, it's a good idea to add a little cooking oil.

The clay is food grade, which means your child can try it! We all know what little curious children are. Fortunately, her taste will not become one of their favorites?

You can also bake the clay in the oven! Do it at 60 degrees until dry. Exactly the time required depends a lot on the thickness of the creation. Over time, you will learn to judge this. Your creations can also dry in the air, but in this way you risk cracks on their surface.

Colors are achieved through natural colors. Ingredients include blue-green algae, Blakeslea Trispora, grass and other green plants, red fruits and vegetables and burnt sugar.

To protect the natural colors, we recommend to store your Ailefo clay enclosed in a transparent cylindrical box and in a dark cardboard cylindrical box. This way they will be protected from UV rays and the colors will stay bright for longer.

All wooden accessories for playing with clay are FSC certified. This is also your guarantee that their production is through sustainable practices. The certificate guarantees that during harvesting a tree will not be cut down earlier than the time for which the forest can reproduce itself. The FSC also ensures that all plants and animals in the forest will be protected and that workers are properly educated and have the appropriate safety equipment.

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