Alpaca Inkari - Small, 23 cm, Moccachino, Baristas

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One look and you will be amazed. One touch and you will fall in love.
It's more than a soft toy. It is a unique accessory, a unique gift that will delight young and old.

Handmade in faraway Peru, from alpaca wool acquired through sustainable practices.

Alpaca wool is:
• Softer than cashmere.
• Warmer than merino wool.
• Light as a feather but extremely strong.
• Obtained with care and ecological.
• Hypoallergenic and does not cause itching.

Size: B - 23 cm

Wool Maintenance: Easy to maintain, just brushing with a brush is all it takes. Do not machine wash.
The face of the toy is textile and can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

Brand: Inkari

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