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Teach a lesson about the nature of your children through a fun game! Six bees in beautiful pastel colors with matching beehives in the hive - here's an opportunity for so many different games.
EDUCATIONAL GAME - You can count, arrange a tall tower, learn colors and shapes.
Separate each bee from her cell and invite the children to use the clip to place each one in the right home! Younger children can do it with their fingers. The cells can also be stacked on top of each other and moved.
SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT - Stimulate cognitive skills and the development of fine motor skills by using the pinch to catch and sort the bees.
Age: 3+
Dimensions: 5 × 5.7 × 4.5 cm
Weight: 0.32 kg
Material: rubber wood
Brand: Plan Toys
Winner of the Japan Good Toy Award 2015, Japan.