Cuddle Doll, Sonja, 42 cm, by ASTRUP®



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Sonja is charming, a little mischievous and daring. What she loves the most is experimenting and doing things she has never done before.

You will also find out that she is always ready for adventure.
You can very easily take off the doll's clothes and then put them on again.
by ASTRUP offers many diverse and wonderful clothes for your doll, all of them in beautiful colors!

Suitable for: role-playing games, developing empathy, imagination, fine motor skills, vision, social skills, touch, communication.

In accordance with European safety regulations and CE marked.

Brand: by ASTRUP®

Age: 1+

Contains: 1 doll with clothes

Dimensions: 42 cm, weight 300 g

Material: Organic cotton

Filling: Cotton and Polyester

Clothes: Cotton

Cleaning instructions: Both the doll and the clothes can be washed separately at 30 ° C.