Maileg Mouse hole Farmhouse



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This is a wonderful place for mice! With all the furniture and accessories, this house would make a cozy home.

Let all your friends live in miniature luxury. This two-story home can be customized with all your favorite Mouses, Bunnies, Dolls, furniture and accessories. The house has five rooms and an attic, which has a skylight, revealing a beautiful view of the stars.

It is made of the finest linden trees. In Denmark, the linden tree is known as the "tree of love", which makes the dollhouse very personal and a perfect place for your favorite little friends.

It is made of linden wood. Every detail is made of FSC - certified timber, harvested in a sustainable way.

* Furniture and accessories are not included;
* Comes with pre-cut linden plywood with mounting screws;
* Comes with fully illustrated installation instructions.

Age: 3+

Cleaning instructions: Surface cleaning

Material: FSC Wood

Weight: 8kg

Dimensions: * Assembled house: H - 56cm, W - 64cm


Brand: Maileg