Porcelain Tea Set, Cherry, Konges Sløjd



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Can you imagine anything cuter than this porcelain cherry tea set? We are certainly captivated by its beauty and style.
This is the perfect tea set for hosting a tea party where friends, dolls or pets can be invited.
It is also suitable for home decoration.

The set consists of a teapot, a milk jug, a sugar bowl, a teaspoon and four glasses for delicious tea.

The packaging is also lovely. 🙂

Please note that it is pure porcelain and should be handled with care!
Age: 3+
teapot - W 11,5 x H 12,5 x D 6 cm
cup - W 7,5 x H 4 x D 6,4 cm
sugar bowl - W 6,8 x H 5,5 x L 4,5cm
milk jug - W 8 x H 6,5 x D 5,5 cm
spoon – W 1,8cm x H 7,8

Material: 100% porcelain
Brand: Konges Sløjd