Theo Teddy Bear, 23 cm, Steiff



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The Theo teddy bear is a loyal friend who will always be by your child's side. Theo's shoulder provides support and reassurance.
Its fur is made of soft plush, perfect for cuddling. His friendly and benevolent smile makes every child fall in love with him.
Did you notice the patch on his tummy? And the embroidered sole of his paw? He is so cute!

Each Steiff teddy bear is handcrafted in their renowned factory in Germany from high quality materials and to strict quality control standards. Steiff bears became known as Teddy bears more than 120 years ago, named after US President Theodore Roosevelt after an encounter with a bear while hunting that led to the publication of a cartoon in the Washington Post.
Since then, Steiff has delighted many children and collectors around the world.

Children's toy teddy bear
Main color: Beige
Size: 23 cm
Material: Made of soft plush
Composition: 100% Polyester
Filling: Synthetic material
Ear button: Stainless steel and quality guarantee button "Knopf im Ohr"
Cleaning instructions: At 30 degrees
Brand: Steiff